• Arnold Belkin Mural Re-creation

    Arnold Belkin Mural Re-creation

    “Against Domestic Colonialsim” by late artist Arnold Belkin, painted in NYC 1973 in the community park of Mathews-Palmer Playground, Hells Kitchen NYC.

    This historical mural, as you can see by the picture taken summer 2018, is in a state of disrepair. Denise Gieseke-Penizzotto will lead a team of muralist to repaint as soon as the wall repair can take place.

    We are in a holding pattern until the NYC Parks and Rec Department, Department of Buildings and other NYC city officials can make a clear determination of who is the responsible party to repair the wall surface. This situation has been in a holding pattern for a number of years now and, true to the message of the mural, “We the people demand control of our communities”. We are in fear of losing the oldest extant mural in the United States due to the delay of the parties involved. This is the only remaining mural of Arnold Belkin, student of the “Three Mexican Muralists” Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Jose’ Clemente Orozco.

    We the People, with the generous support of Golden Paints (who has donated all the paint for this 60’ h x 65’ wide mural) and the efforts of our community and grassroots folks, friends and family, are poised and ready to get on the wall and paint as soon as the NYC officials do the right thing!

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  • Exhibition: White Box/Agora Gallery August 28 - Sept 1, 2018

    Exhibition: White Box/Agora Gallery August 28 - Sept 1, 2018

    Group Exhibition hosted by Artsy.com and Bombay Sapphire
    Emerging Artists Series 2018

    Selected painting: "Me, Sargent and Mrs Carl Meyers with her Children"

    August 26 - Sept 1, 2018 11-6
    Opening evening August 28 6:30 - 9 p.m.

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