• Arnold Belkin Mural Recreation

    Arnold Belkin Mural Recreation

    Arnold Belkin's mural "Against Domestic Colonialism"

    This historical mural, the only remaining U.S. mural of NYC/Mexico City muralist Arnold Belkin, is in a state of disrepair due to years of inclement weather and neglect.
    Denise Gieseke-Penizzotto lead muralist along with the 45-46th street community committee are working together to raise funds to recreate this mural.

    For more information:www.mathews-palmer-playground-mural-art?

  • A Vulture's Feast

    A Vulture's Feast

    A Collection of Works by Denise Gieseke Penizzotto
    Solo exhibition at
    Studio Anise
    21 Greene Street
    Exhibition summer - fall 2016